Lotka’s Law and Author Productivity in the Economic Literature: A Citation Study


  • Santosh Kumar Tunga Librarian, Rishi Bankim Chandra Evening College, Naihati, West Bengal, India




Author Productivity, Citation Analysis, Economic Literature, Economica, New Series, Lotka’s Law


The present study is to analyze citation pattern of Economica, New Series as a source journal in order to determine the application of Lotka’s law and author productivity in the economic literature. It is an international journal devoted to research in all branches of economics. The article covers 8347 citations appended to 302 articles appeared in volume 74, number 393 to volume 83, number 432 during the year 2007 to 2016. Findings indicate that 10 volumes (40 issues) of Economica, New Series contained 8347 citations in 302 articles which mean that average number of citations appeared 208.675 citations in each issue. Major forms of literature are journal articles 5328 (63.831%) and followed by books 2211 (26.489%) citations. Out of 5328 journal citations 1013 (19.013%) citations are single authored journals and 4315 (80.987%) citations are multi-authored journal. The Lotka’s law is not suitable for the economic literature of author productivity distribution.


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