Career Guidance Sources in Libraries: A Study of Arts & Science Colleges Affiliated to Thiruvalluvar University, Tamil Nadu


  • N. Abdul Latheef Librarian, Islamiah College (Autonomous), Tamil Nadu, India



Career Guidance Sources, Employment Problem, Arts & Science Colleges, Higher Educational Institutions and Thiruvalluvar University, Government Aided, Self Financing Institutions


Employment problem plays a pie vital role in India. Now a days Higher educational institutions concentrating on students career Opportunities and conducting campus recruitment drives to provide employment at the end of course. Purpose of this paper deals with the availability Career Guidance resources and Services providing institutions in Arts and science colleges affiliated to Thiruvalluvar University, Vellore.  Objective - of the paper is to know the status of the college libraries and information centre’s,  their services and availability of Career Guidance books, periodicals, financial sources and other infrastructure facilities. Methodology - systematic questionnaire has prepared and distributed to selected Arts and science colleges for data collection.  Data analysis - after collecting the data were sorted out and fed into the computer excell for analysis.  Findings and suggestions- it is observed from the study that  increase more collection of career guidance resources  in most of the Government colleges and Self financing institutions, create awareness programmes, utilize social media for updating of employment opportunities among the students and Infrastructure facility  to be increased.


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