Library Environmental Conditions and Undergraduates’ Patronage of Public University Libraries in Delta State, Nigeria


  • Eserada Rachael Ejovwokoghene Michael and Cecilia Ibru University, Agbarha-otor, Ughelli, Delta State, Nigeria



Library Environmental Conditions, Library Patronage, Undergraduates, State University Library


The university library is basically setup to make available information resources and service to their users, patronage of the library, therefore, is the major reason for the existence of the library. The study examined the association between undergraduate library use at Delta State and the characteristics of the different types of library environments. To examine the questionnaire survey was developed to collect data from 272 library users. According to the report, public university library facilities have inadequate environmental conditions. Undergraduates expressed a high level of satisfaction with the design and surroundings of their university libraries. Most respondents seldom patronise the university library’s materials and services. The study equally made bare that substantial correlation exists between the kind of library environmental circumstances and undergraduates’ patronage of public university libraries, patronage of library resources/services was minimal. The study concluded that the prevailing library environment conditions influenced undergraduate patronage of public university libraries in Delta States. As a result, it was advised that the library management should implement necessary strategies to establish and maintain a calm and welcoming library environment. It was equally advised to utilise all available strategies, including regular orientation and word-of-mouth marketing of library resources/services, as this can significantly encourage an increase in patronage of the university libraries.


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