An Analysis of NEP 2020: Certain Key Issues


  • Sankar Rajeev Professor, K. K. Wagh Institute of Engineering Education and Research, Nashik, Mahasrashtra, India



Macaulay’s Education System, Concurrent List, Commercialization, Industry-Institute Linkages, Medical Education


NEP 2020 has been dominating educational circles during the past two years. It envisages a defined policy for education till the year 2030. Four aberrant stages of Indian education of recent times are; gurukul system, Macaulay’s education system, 42nd amendment and the NPE 1986. The research paper analyses the provisions envisaged in NEP 2020 to identify whether the effort meets the need of modern education and aspirations of students. Methodology adopted has been descriptive research. After undertaking an exhaustive literature review abstemious considerations have been given on the aggrandize needs of students, industry and people at large. From this point of view aspect of commercialization, technical education and medical education have been deliberated. NEP 2020 has indulged heavily on school education, which could be best left to the States. Introduction of regional languages in higher education has been seen as a limited benefactor solely aimed as an abate service considering that technical literature in regional languages are not fully developed.


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