A Bibliometric Analysis of Journal of Scientometric Research Based on Dimensions Database


  • Vinayak Hakkaraki Assistant Librarian, Karnataka State Law University, Hubli, Karnataka, India




Bibliometric Analysis, Dimensions Database, Journal of Scientometric Research


This paper looks at the impact of recent research progress from 2012 to 2022 and is published in the Journal of Scientometric Research. The Journal of Scientometric Research journal underwent a Bibliometric analysis that turned up 370 articles from the Dimensions AI database between the years of 2012 and 2022. This article has examined a number of variables, including the publication format of the document; the distribution of papers and citations by year; the productivity of the writers, and the most cited work. The results demonstrate that the largest number of papers published in 2020 was 58. The year 2022 saw a maximum of 226 citations. Apparently, this shows that Bidyarthi Dutta and Sujit Bhattacharya have overwhelmed the most useful authors list by contributing 15 and 8 articles.


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